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Hohner Club

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Hohner Club

Hohner Club II B (gebraucht 1 Jahr Gewährleistung). C-F; 2-chörig; 8'8′ Stimmung; Gewicht mit Riemen: 4,2 kg; inkl. Koffer; Made in Germany. ,- unser. Hohner Club III M rot. Grifftechnik, Harmonika. Basstechnik, Club. Stimmung, C - F. Farbe, rot. Diskanttöne, Diskantchoere, III. Bassknoepfe, 8. Basschoere. Top-Angebote für Hohner Club Iii online entdecken bei eBay. Top Marken | Günstige Preise | Große Auswahl.

Diatonisches Akkordeon

Hohner Club III M rot. Grifftechnik, Harmonika. Basstechnik, Club. Stimmung, C - F. Farbe, rot. Diskanttöne, Diskantchoere, III. Bassknoepfe, 8. Basschoere. Hohner Club II B (gebraucht 1 Jahr Gewährleistung). C-F; 2-chörig; 8'8′ Stimmung; Gewicht mit Riemen: 4,2 kg; inkl. Koffer; Made in Germany. ,- unser. Vor allem in der ersten Hälfte des zwanzigsten Jahrhunderts produzierte HOHNER viele CLUB Akkordeons. Da wir immer wieder Fragen zur.

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Zigeunerleben - Waldeslust - Im grünen Wald - mit Hohner Club M III

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Einen sehr vollen, ausgeglichenen Klang haben die Modelle aus Massivholz.
Hohner Club

Tens of thousands of this type of accordion were produced in the s 40s and 50s. There is a great musicians guide to the Club System here.

Another Club focussed site here. Mainly Steirische but click on Club bottom left and there they are. Whilst the Club system and the accordion clubs themselves are now defunct and long gone.

There are a number of reasons why these are particularly interesting starter boxes. Having a wooden soundboard and normally with zinc reedplates.

These are a good quality 3 voice club accordion if a little on the heavy side. There was a Norma version of this box as well but i am unsure as to what the difference was.

The new rounded case and aluminium H reeds took the 2B into the 50s and beyond. These carried on the quality of the Mk1. Still with wooden soundboard and under keyboard registers, these are nearly all filled with aluminium plate H reeds.

Combined these produce a great depth of sound and is a mainstay of the hohner club accordions. The newer version of the Ouverture was available as a 4 or 5 voice.

One of the largest hohner club accordions. Theses were LMMH. These are a very high quality box with switchable deep Helikon bass.

These are big and heavy, but worth it. This is the earlier model and the family resemblance to the corona R and 3M is striking. A similar case to the Ouverture but with even better sound 12 5 octave basses and a cassotto!

We are based in Bristol and we welcome a visit by appointment. We ship globally contact us for prices. Where do we come from?

Learn more about us! The blues icon Sonny Terry Heritage Edition. The new standard in harp microphones HB Access the world of music!

The size and weight difference results from the nature of accordion reeds, which produce sound when air is moved through them in one direction only.

In other words, for any key or button, two reeds are necessary: one to sound on the press, and one to sound on the draw. Because a double-action instrument sounds the same note on both press and draw, it needs two reeds for any given note in its range, where a single-action instrument—which sounds a different note on press and draw—requires only one.

Any double-action instrument thus requires roughly twice as many reeds as an equivalent single-action instrument, making it larger and considerably heavier.

Another way to understand this difference is to consider the fact that a double-action instrument generally requires twice as many keys or buttons to produce a range of notes as a single-action instrument: for example, a piano accordion requires 8 keys 16 reeds to sound a diatonic scale from C to C', where a DBA pitched in C requires 4 buttons 8 reeds to produce the same notes.

This size and weight advantage is somewhat eroded in more complex, multi-row variants of the DBA, alluded to below. The rhythmic effects inherent in the push-pull action are very well suited to the lively rhythms of dance music, and traditional dance music in particular.

On multi-row fourth-apart instruments, players can to some extent counter the natural push-pull effect with a row-crossing playing style that "smooths out" the musical phrasing; on semitone-apart systems, depending on the key of the piece being played, players may be obliged to adopt a smoother style.

Additionally, the close-togetherness of the notes on a DBA allow some tunes particularly the quick folkdances and tunes written for the instrument to be played with more ease and speed than on the more spread-out keyboards of chromatic- and piano-accordions.

The main disadvantage of the diatonic system is that playing in a wide range of keys is impractical. Attempts to overcome this limitation, for example by adding extra rows and more complicated bass systems, invariably add extra bulk and weight, thereby compromising an advantage in striving to overcome a disadvantage.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Melodeon Classification Free-reed aerophone Hornbostel—Sachs classification Cleckheaton, Yorkshire: mally.

Page 3. Ulster Folk and Transport Museum. Retrieved 5 May If it is a question of the buyer being unhappy with an accurately listed and described item.

We will accept the return but the buyer is responsible for all shipping costs and ebay selling fees.

Hohner Preciosa accordion. Fresh from a local auction. As a player of anglo concertina I have some familiarity with things of this sort but I do not play accordion.

I will tell what I have learned and describe the condition as I see it. These were made in Germany between and It is a small size accordion made for packing along while hiking or traveling but I could see just enjoying playing a smaller instrument.

The celluloid covering has a tasteful wood grain type coloring that nicely sets off the mother of pearl buttons.

Most others I've seen pictures of are a gaudy pearloid. The darker. More subdued color and art deco styling makes this a very attractive little instrument.

The flash shows up the coloring more but the general appearance is just dark brown. There are signs of use. Some minimal scuffing.

The leather straps are intact and functional. The little metal straps that hold the bellows together are quite nice, I think. I can see no issues with the bellows at all.

The air button is a bit stained. There might be a tiny bit of the i in the Preciosa letters missing. The case is also in very good condition for it's age with the leather handle still good and the latch functional.

No key. I'm afraid. It's a thin leather covering over cardboard. The hinge part is intact. Part of the cloth lining has come away on one side.

The letters DRP are on the back. That has to do with the German patent system prior to The serial number. I was able to determine the tuning by using a digital chromatic tuner on my computer.

The notes are somewhat off by varying degrees but close enough that the proper note shows on the tuner. My understanding is that at the time this instrument was made the standard in Germany was A I had the tuner set to that.

Only one of the highest reeds did not sound in my testing it. There are some extra nois. Hohner Diadonic button accordion for Spareparts!

Instrument needs to be repaired, and cleaned, probably only for decoration or Spareparts! Please make sure that you see all the photos!

The instrument measures 12" wide x 13" long x 7. The belly looks ok with some wear. I think it is still tight. Please make sure that you see all the photos.

Instrument needs to be cleaned and maybe some minor service? Dear music friends, here I offer a nice. Most valves are renewed, new gaskets- and has a wonderful warm sound.

The ideal instrument for folklore music- very light and handy only 4. Bitte schauen Sie sich die Bilder dazu an. Sollten Sie noch Fragen haben.

Schicken Sie mir eine kurze mail. Antworte so rasch wie möglich. If you have any questions about this item. Let me know by writing an e-mail.

Shipping cost for this instrument as an insured package To UK and other european countries Australia, Japan only 76,00 Dollars The shipping cost to Germany is free You can pay in dollars of course or directly in Euros when you are from an EU country- by bank transfer or by Paypal Please notice: When you bid from outside the EU it is possible that you have to pay custom duties.

And by the way. Don't worry- I pack all the instruments I offer very carefully. Any further questions. Feel free to ask. Hello and thank you for viewing our listing for.

Comes in a hard carrying case. Case has seen better days. One latch is broken other does not work. Will make sure item is secured for shipping.

Has 38 buttons none are sticky and all press and release well. Does have a adjustable switch on back. As seen in picture 7 there is one vent that cloth has peeled away from.

Great addition to have in your musical collection. Please review photos closely as t his will ship as you see it unless otherwise stated! Bid confidently and good luck!

P If you have any questions. Thank you again for looking at this listing! With all our auctions we strive for a 5 star experience and would be more than happy to help our cus tomers with any problems they incur with any of our transactions.

Please contact us with any problems prior to leaving feedback and we will try to solve any situation you do come across. If you have any questions about the item feel free to ask.

Also feel free to look at the store for more merchandise. We also offer local pickup on all items that are listed here on eBay see details for full info We do not allow for local eBay customers to enter the establishment where items are held to test the items.

We test all items prior to listing to assure that they operate properly and note any errors on the item. Thank you. Bid With Confidence!

See Our Feedback! If you feel there is an error or need clarification please feel free to contact us. E-mails sho. Mechanics is in full working order.

The exzellent Bellows are airtight. Clean and without scratches. The body and straps have only little normal smal wear The tuning is great.

Yes a great Hohner sound! Tremolo,no double couplers 30 treble buttons and 8 bass buttons. All Buttons is in white mother-of-pearl and are smooth with fast response.

The Accordion have the key C- F! Insured shiping to EU. And after that auction end to a correct completion.

Buyers your article do not pay, become with the measures in accordance with. Bitte bieten Sie nur mit. Bieter die Ihren ersteigerten Artikel nicht abwickeln- werden mit den Massnahmen gem.

Ich weise in Rechnungen keine Umsatzsteuer gesondert aus und kann keinen Vorste. Hohner Morino Club diatonic accordion.

Tuned C-F Made in Germany excellent condition. Very well cared for manufactured in Trossingen. Southern Germany newly serviced May by a Hohner trained accordion technician 5 rows of reeds.

Solid- sophisticated-built button accordion the sound is extraordinarily voluminous and clear, all together a very highly sophisticated piece of art that should be in the hands of an appreciative player.

Private Auction the instrument can be played over the phone! Best-Zustand Baujahr 5 chörig. Tiefe Oktave u. Aussergewöhnlich hochqualitatives Instrument von Handzuginstrumentenmacher durchgecheckt und feinjustiert; Masse am Balg: 36 cm x 22 cm; Balg ist hermetisch dicht und hat keine Verfärbungen; keine merklichen Kratzer am Gehäuse.

Der Klang ist rein, klar, kräftig, höchst beflügelnd die Stimmzungen sind neuwertig. Made in Germany Details: 30 piano buttons 8 bass keys The bellows hase little wear Is without big scratches The body and Grill with normal wear.

One shoulder straps No Case weight only 4. It is not new It is from Year Please look on the original pictures! Vintage Hohner Club II accordion in working condition with hard case.

Bellows: gold with silver- seem airtight. Finish: silver pearl. Buttons: three rows. Eight bass buttons. Also: leather straps.

Snap latches, lightweight. Still plays! Loudly, lol. Wear: Notice the reeds look less shiny in two or more small spots. I don't know what this means.

Case is losing some felt from interior and has some scuffing along outside edges. Stamp on back corner says"Made in Germany" and"" underneath that.

I don't play and only just inherited the item. Will answer any questions to the best of my ability. Item will most likely ship on Friday.

Local pickup is available. I can update the invoice for you. Free Shipping!

Top-Angebote für Hohner Club online entdecken bei eBay. Top Marken | Günstige Preise | Große Auswahl. Top-Angebote für Hohner Club Iii online entdecken bei eBay. Top Marken | Günstige Preise | Große Auswahl. eBay Kleinanzeigen: Hohner Club, Kleinanzeigen - Jetzt finden oder inserieren! eBay Kleinanzeigen - Kostenlos. Einfach. Lokal. Top-Angebote für Hohner Club online entdecken bei eBay. Top Marken ✅ Günstige Preise ✅ Große Auswahl. Advantages of the Club System The net tradeoff between right-hand fingering systems of the International System and the Tex-Mex system appears to be the following: Riffing harrmonically is easier on the International System than on the Club System. On the bass end it Gazisehir a three octave bass identical to the pokerwork hohners, even using the same blocks. Cleckheaton, Yorkshire: mally. Hohner Club 3M. For generations, HOHNER has been dedicated to music for one simple reason: Music is a way of life. In fact, you could say it’s the best way of life. People who aren’t into music simply don’t know what they’re missing. Of course we would say that, wouldn’t we? But like countless musicians all over the world. The Club system developed by Hohner is a well-established example of this approach. Using the accidentals, and with the added modification of a Gleichton (unisonoric second-octave tonic in the centre of the middle row), this system allows players to obtain a fully chromatic scale – albeit in one direction only (draw). Hohner Victoria Bb/Eb (antique) 27 keys, 2 treble reeds Photo courtesy Wendy Morrison; Weltmeister Club 33 keys, 3 treble reeds. Noten. Mein Akkordeon ist eine zweireihige Hohner Club II "Victoria" mit den Tonarten C/F. Viele Noten liegen jedoch in anderen Tonarten vor, da in der Folklore-Szene, aber auch bei Noten für die Steirische Harmonika andere Tonarten verbreitet sind. So begann ich, Noten umzuschreiben bzw. in die passende Tonart zu transponieren. Hauptseite Themenportale Zufälliger Artikel. Jahrhundert daran einen wesentlichen Anteil. Anzeigen: Listenansicht. Manche Club-Modelle wurden auf der Bassseite mit einer erweiterten Anzahl von diatonischen Bässen angeboten. It has 25 treble buttons 2. Also: leather straps. Clean and nearly like new. Please watch the video in the Pokemon Casino below. The bellows is very clean. Some modern players, particularly in France, are driving a trend towards instruments with more complex bass systems, with as many as 16 or even 18 buttons. The preciosa has a very bright and incredibly loud sound for its size. The new rounded case and aluminium H reeds took the 2B into the 50s and beyond. This is a harmonica that you cannot buy for this price every day. The strap at bass-side is in excellent condition without any signs of use. The initials D. Explore our product section and find your perfect Hohner instrument. Education. Making music has a positive impact on child development. Learn more here about how to get started. Community. Become a part of the Hohner community! Find downloads, videos, and artists, or join myHohner for discussions, information, and exclusive content! CLUB MAD Lets see how this goes. Hohner Clubs, I love them but information is sparse about them. In no way is this definitive or authoritative just want to document those lovely cheap quality clubs So i have owned a few of these over the years, Erikas Modells. hohner club iim accordion keys cf made in germany all notes play treble sounds ok 2 bass notes sound out the clips to keep bellows closed are missing no case will be well packed for safe delivery* shipping worldwide insured $88 usa. uk, europe, brazil, asia* australia $45 insured* of note all potential buyers these instruments are approximately.
Hohner Club


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